My greatest interest as a choreographer is the space between dance and pedestrian life. In my work, I hope to close that gap and make work that is accessible to anyone while focusing on important issues and experiences of human life. Sometimes we might ask ourselves, “what can dance really do?” but I believe dance has the power to connect us and express things that can be confused by language.

 Trained in classical modern techniques such as Limón, Cunningham, Graham, and Ballet, I have an appreciation for virtuosity while also keeping the emphasis on expression. I have a great fondness for theatricality with my background in the theater and choreographing for the theater. You will find varying physicalities based on what is deemed necessary for the piece, but that is what keeps it exciting.

With my work, I am dedicated to bringing my new, unique ideas to the stage, taking risks and straying from what is known to be good to create something entirely, wholly, authentically me.